A 6-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1981 and 1984, being the last analog synth from Yamaha.

Like the CS-30, The CS-70M not only offers 2 oscillators per voice, but also separate filters and amplifiers.

The VCO are switchable between sawtooth, square and pulse waveforms. A white noise generator is also included.

The filter section contains 2 resonant 12dB/octave* multimode VCFs per voice, with controls for cut-off and resonance. They are switchable between high-, low- & band-pass modes, and feature their own independent envelope generator.

ADSR EGs are included on the VCAs, with max 10s decay and release times.

There are 2 LFOs, one of which is programmable. Available waveforms are sine, sawtooth and square.

The aftertouch-sensitive keyboard can be switched between normal, split and unison modes. Normal is the default 6-voice polyphonic mode, split uses the later sustain to cut notes and unison stacks all 6 voices together for a thick monophonic sound.

Other features include an internal memory holding up to 30 user patches, a magnetic data card interface for extra storage, hold plus glide and glissando. CV/gate is available for external control.

* 6dB/octave in band-pass mode

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