13:39 EET

Logged on to E2 today with one less writeup and 120 more XP. Interesting.
Once again, a WU nuked with no explanation or even a mention in the editor log! Great! I still haven't found out what writing was bad enough to deserve to be wasted, but I'll browse through my backups tonight. If it wasn't bad enough I'll just keep resubmiting it until they nuke me. Or something.

Suffering from a bad case of noder's block at the moment. Only a few of writeups are needed to hit level 6, but I'm not into senseless noding sprees for level advancement anymore. Oh well, the inspiration will come eventually. It always does.

18:17 EET

Ok, the nuking business is all sorted out. It was actually a node which should've been removed a long time ago. So everything is fine, just fine.
Except that going through my old writeups, I discovered a great deal of them.. er.. suck. They will be nuked sooner or later, so I should at least have the dignity to request the annihilation myself. I have a big list tö gather..

To be continued...

Today's Writeups
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