Well, My plans for the trip to Tokyo are practically destroyed.
I should've seen this coming a mile away, though. I tried to be very negative with my estimation of the next 8 months' salary. But once again, the company has gleefully kicked me in the nuts.
There are two possibilities: either I live like a monk for the following year in order to save the needed $$$, or just forget the whole damn trip and spend the miniscule pay on everyday stuff. The latter would of course be the obvious choice. Why live like a broke person for a year just to spend a week or two somewhere else as a tourist? It's insane, right?
Still, I'd like to give it a shot. My vital living expenses are almost non-existent (the single good thing about living with parents), and do I really need any extra crap to make the state of my bedroom worse?
This is something I need to think about. A short experience with memories that last a lifetime, or a year of convenience and spending?

I signed my first NDA today. Damn, this restricts my power to complain about my crummy job, or at least forces me to be less specific in my whinings. Not that a low-level worked like myself would even have access to secrets that could damage my employer. Especially since I'm moving to work in the kitchen starting tomorrow. It's a long story. No, they didn't put me there to wash the dishes.

While having lunch at a local pizza/kebab place with some coworkers, I overheard a conversation between two guys sitting in the next table, looking like they came straight out of the Wannabe-Tough-Guy-Catalogue™. One of them kept complaining about the people in the social security office treating him like a bum instead of "just giving him his fucking money". When he started voicing his observations about how the guys in the next table (typical lukio students) looked like "a bunch of faggots", I decided to turn my attention elsewhere.
People like this make me feel so stupid for complaining about my poor wages etc. At least I am doing something worthwhile, instead of loitering around, looking like a criminal and calling everybody not dressed up like a neo-nazi a faggot.

Wait a minute.. What am I still doing here? Gotta get out of the (otherwise empty) office to meet my friend.

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