A 32-voice digital drum machine released in 1989.

The R-8 offers 68 sampled sounds ranging from tribal to industrial, most of which feature editable parameters like tune, attack, decay and nuance. At least 10 ROM cards with extra sounds were released, featuring classic CR-78, TR-808 and TR-909 kits.

100 user programmable patterns in 10 songs can be stored in the unit's internal memory. Both real time and step programming are available on the sequencer, along with detailed editing possibilities (such as individual tuning for each event). The pads on the are touch-sensitive for subtle variations allowing a more realistic and "human-like" sound. Thanks to Perdedor for pointing this out!

Released in the late 90s, the R-8 naturally features MIDI in/out/thru for external control. In addition to the typical stereo jack, there are 8 separate audiooutputs.
An expanded R-8 mk II model was released later on.

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