CAT023 is the catalog number (and the unofficial name) for the perhaps most sought-after Richard D. James recording ever. It was printed in the early nineties on only 4 copies of vinyl, three of which were given to friends of Richard D. James. Thus, the persons in posession of this record are: Mike Paradinas (ยต-Ziq), Chris Jeffs (Cylob), Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-founder of Rephlex Records) and Richard D. James (Aphex Twin)

The tracklisting is unknown, but an interview with a certain Bowgie (rumors say that this is actually Mike Paradinas - he did post on the messageboard there for a period around 2000), performed at on September 14, 1999 tells us a bit about the album. I have reproduced the entries as-is (including typos from the original source). According to Bowgie, the labels are handwritten with black marker.

No release date has been set for this record.

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