Belgian comics artist - December 1, 1923 / July 20, 2001

Started drawing in 1945 and created its worldwide known cow-boy character Lucky Luke in 1946. First published in the French and Belgian comics magazine Spirou.

During a travel in the USA he befriended with the creators of Mad magazine and met René Goscinny in 1955. Goscinny became his favorite writer, they worked together for more than 20 years.

After Goscinny's death in 1977, Maurice De Bevere (that's his real name) worked with other great authors such as De Groot, Fauche, Léturgie or Vidal.

In 1987 he started the comics serie Rantanplan, dedicated to the stupid dog which was already a recurring character in Lucky Luke.

Morris will remain one of the leading figures of the French and Belgium bande dessinée "scene". He died today. Rest in Peace, Morris.
Morris :- A car company that existed between 1910 and 1970 (approx), later being absorbed into bmc (british motor corporation), which was then absorbed into rover etc etc. I doubt that you have ever heard the name as for most it is a forgoten relic of what it once was but how many times have you seen, heard of or thought of MG well that company belive it or not stood for morris garages. The company managed to keep its head above water by creating the morris 8 the 10 and so on and so forth, the reason that the name stands out (to those with an interest) is that in 1948 they released the morris minor (later rebadged by austin). The main factory was in Cowley Oxford England and did not limit its scope to cars also encompssed the comercial side.

Many examples of preserved and restored morrise's exist all over the world (especially in asia) but unfortunatly many also 'died' rotting in scrap yards due to the inevitable tin-worm.

Mor"ris (?), n. [Sp. morisco Moorish, fr. Moro a Moor: cf. F. moresque, It. moresca.]


A Moorish dance, usually performed by a single dancer, who accompanies the dance with castanets.


A dance formerly common in England, often performed in pagenats, processions, and May games. The dancers, grotesquely dressed and ornamented, took the parts of Robin Hood, Maidmarian, and other fictious characters.


An old game played with counters, or men, which are placed angles of a figure drawn on a board or on the ground; also, the board or ground on which the game is played.

The nine-men's morris is filled up with mud. Shak.

⇒ The figure consists of three concentric squares, with lines from the angles of the outer one to those of the inner, and from the middle of each side of the outer square to that of the inner. The game is played by two persons with nine or twelve pieces each (hence called nine-men's morris or twelve-men's morris). The pieces are placed alternately, and each player endeavors to prevent his opponent from making a straight row of three. Should either succeed in making a row, he may take up one of his opponent's pieces, and he who takes off all of his opponent's pieces wins the game.


© Webster 1913.

Mor"ris (?), n. [So called from its discoverer.] Zool.

A marine fish having a very slender, flat, transparent body. It is now generally believed to be the young of the conger eel or some allied fish.


© Webster 1913.

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