One commercial brand of a household glass cleaner usually colored blue. I imagine there are other sub-brands of Windex for cleaning other kinds of things, but the glass cleaner is the most popular one. This brand is misused as a public domain term for glass cleaners in general, especially blue ones.

Windex can be a verb, meaning to clean.

Windex is also a nasty mixed drink. 1 oz. vodka, 1 oz. Blue Curacao, and some cheap blue margarita mix. This is far from a Nectar of the Gods. This unholy concoction could forever dull your palate.

Windex is noted for having a wonderful 'streak-free shine'
and 'cuts through greasy soil easily'. I don't know what soil has to do with glass and why soil would be greasy but Helen Johnson (company name) promptly proclaims this on the inside of the front sticker. You have to scrape the sticker off or view it from the other side of the bottle through the delicious looking blue liquid. Interestingly enough Windex is useful for cleaning chrome, and removing hard core stains from your computers plastic parts, particulary older beige Macintosh systems. It works okay on other plastics, but for some reason it provides a cleaning utopia for Mac users with those old beige Macs. In Canada it's imported by S.C. Johnson and Son LTD.


Mix ingredients vigorously with ice in a shaker. Let stand for half a minute, and strain into a highball glass.

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