If you're anything like me you love books. I like to keep my books nice and clean, even textbooks. In my opinion the more they smell like cleaning fluid the better. Those fumes are something else. Or maybe you just want to resell your books and prepare them for your customers so that they look all nice and shiny new. I don't know about you but shiny new books give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. So, on with the cleaning!

First step is to determine the type of book you have:

Is it glossy or non-glossy?

If your books are non-glossy you may be out of luck. I don't know how to clean those, if anyone has any experience /msg me.

If it's glossy you are indeed lucky my friend. You will soon have a sort of almost like new book! I know you can't wait.

Things you are going to need:

Once you have acquired all of the needed materials take your book and inspect it for unsightly stickers. Bookstores love to plaster their books with these horrible abominations. If you find any remove them with the razor blade. Be careful not to cut the cover of the book and damage it. Books don’t bleed but I’m sure they can feel. Next, take a Windex Wipe and scrub the cover of your book. This may require a few Windex Wipes depending on how much gunk you have on your book from those left over stickers or In some cases bacterial colonies that have taken root on your cover. Now, you are done, reshelf the book and marvel at its sparkling cleanliness. If only we could do the same with you, you dirty noder.

Thanks to rootbeer277 for mentioning this: Sandpaper can be used to remove any markings from the edges of the pages. NOT THE COVER! If you know of any other tips or tricks let me know.

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