12:44 EET

I stayed up until 2AM playing Klax. While in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I could still see those colourful blocks coming at me. This would probably qualify as a Klax overdose.

Needless to say, I'm quite tired now. Luckily the matrerials for my next work project haven't arrived yet, so I can keep my brain offline and concentrate on IRCing, listening to hard electronic music and, of course, noding.
Too tired to node? Never!

15:40 EET

Starting to wake up a little.
I had a nice junk food lunch, and I've been enjoying great music by Luke Slater, Oliver Ho, The Advent and others. The weekend is approaching fast! Keeping my mind on work-related crap is really difficult on a thursday afternoon.

My mother's 50th birthday is only a few days. I've discussed on getting a present with my dad, but at the moment both of us are out of ideas.
Maybe I should set up a node for all the imaginative fellow noders to give their suggestions? Nah, that would make the gift too unpersonal. But then again, it might point my thoughts to the right direction...