12:33 EET

I'm supposed to actually work at the office today. Interesting.
Today's assignment consists of modifying a co-worker's code, a thing I really enjoy to do. Not. There's nothing as fustrating as working with somebody else's code, especially if it's completely illogical, poorly formatted and otherwise stupid. Even when the code is just dead simple php/html. Nothing is better than complex table structures from completely different projects copy-pasted into existing complex table stuctures, without editing them at all. *sigh*

Note to self: Record more MDs. The selection is too small for a 5-hour workday.

23:28 EET

Stoned on E2 again. The second time I've smoked in a month, and it was two days in a row. Well, I'm not complaining.

Our firm had an another minigolf match today. I think I came in second, but my final score of 74 was still a disappointment. I was aiming at 70. And I could've done better than 2nd position, since I completely ruled the game for the first 9 courses. But then again it was just a game, played for fun. And fun it was.

Today's Writeups:
  • Korg 707
  • Korg DS-8
  • Milenium