15:39 EET

My 300th writeup!
Don't worry, I'll save the big celebration for the day I reach 500. After working like an ant yesterday, I haven't gotten any guilty consciense about spending the workday noding. So many synthesizers, only 10 fingers...

The weather has been absolutely brilliant. The Finnish Noders reading this probably want to lynch me now, but I've really enjoyed not sweating like a pig after a long while of extreme heat. I was even able to keep all my psychedelic lamps on last night, without the fear of overheating. Furthermore, waking up this morning to feel comfortable instead of boiling was too good to describe.
All good things must come to an end however - the weekend is predicted to be like an unusually hot day in hell again. So, I'd better enjoy the chillyness while I can.

A brand new soul from Finland got swallowed by Everything2 addiction today.. Welcome, norev! ;)

20:58 EET

My dear friend Masa came over and we decided some pot would go well with Soul Calibur. But shortly afterwards he received a call from his girlfriend telling she had forgotten her keys and needed him to open the door to their apartment. So my friend left, and I'm all alone and stoned. Oh well, things could be much worse. :)

Maybe it's the weed that made me realize I use way too much hard links. I wonder if I could get any help for that in the E2 Rehab Center. (The linking, that is!) Maybe not.

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