A 3-channel analog sequencer.

The SQ-10 holds 12 steps on 3 separate channels, and is limited to one pattern. Each control voltage is selected with a knob and must be tuned individually.
Channels A and B are usually used to control oscillators, while channel C controls a VCF or VCA to set the note length. The sequences can be synced to the wide range Voltage Controlled Clock or an external clock source. Manual sync can be done via the step button.

It is possible to use the SQ-10 as a 12-stage envelope generator, with ramping by adjusting the portamento. It can also be turned into an arpeggiator by modulating the pitch with one of the channels.

Like the MS-10 and MS-20 models, the SQ-10 uses a Hz-to-voltage interface instead of the volt/octave standard. However, with a CV/Gate converter it is possible to control other synths with the sequencer.

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