20:44 EET

Hmm. I might be wrong, but nothing noteworthy happened today. My new DVD drive arrived, I finished typing an annoying HTML/PHP form at work, and that's about it. Another excruciatingly hot day survived.

Rant time.
Lately I've been wondering what the deal is with this whole "real life TV" fad. Instead of dramatized television entertainment, people are going crazy over footage of real people getting into accidents, going over their daily business trapped to a building/island with a bunch of stangers, etc.
Maybe there just isn't enough voyeurism in me, since I simply don't find this kind of material entertaining, though-provoking or otherwise worth watching. The boring "reality" shows like The Real World are one thing, but snuff-style shows like When Animals Attack really make me sick. And not just that these programs get made, but they get massive ratings as well.
I'm still waiting for Finland to catch the trend. And I know MTV3 - it won't take long.
Before you get to say "If you don't like that stuff, don't watch it", let me assure you that I don't. But it won't stop me from being puzzled by the whole phenomenon. I'm not complaining though, since in 5 years or so there will be nothing but "reality" on. At least I have the Twin Peaks reruns now...

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