Bunch (?), n. [Akin to OSw. & Dan. bunke heap, Icel. bunki heap, pile, bunga tumor, protuberance; cf. W. pwng cluster. Cf. Bunk.]


A protuberance; a hunch; a knob or lump; a hump.

They will carry . . . their treasures upon the bunches of camels. Isa. xxx. 6.


A collection, cluster, or tuft, properly of things of the same kind, growing or fastened together; as, a bunch of grapes; a bunch of keys.

3. Mining

A small isolated mass of ore, as distinguished from a continuous vein.



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Bunch, v. i. [imp. & p. p. [Buncheder> (); p. pr. & vb.n. [Bunchinger>.]

To swell out into a bunch or protuberance; to be protuberant or round.

Bunching out into a large round knob at one end. Woodward.


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Bunch, v. t.

To form into a bunch or bunches.


© Webster 1913.

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