seriously. if there were an international summit in which all the world leaders were arguing about trade embargos and such, then suddenly...


...they all turned into hamsters, i am certain that all the world's problems would be solved. instantly, the leaders' bickering would be cute and adorable hamster squeaking and fighting. awwwww..... i'm getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it. "forget world hunger," the rodential rulers would proclaim, "let us eat our blind young!" but, of course, we wouldn't understand them. we'd just all "oohhhhhhhh" and "ahhhhhhh" and occasionally "whooooooo" at their amazing cuteness. the entire population would enter into a new peace called the pax rodentia and we would live in a utopia. that is, until the great sunflower seed shortage of 2034 which will be the impetus for the most brutal and devastating war that this galaxy has ever seen.

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