A short lived Amiga Demo Scene Group from Finland.

First Wave was formed sometime in early 1989, when the Finnish Amiga scene was slowly starting to grow out of its infancy. During its short existence the group only released a few small intros, which were nice but nothing exceptional. In addition to the Finnish members, the group also had a few people in Belgium and the UK.

In the spring of the same year, First Wave released their last intro declaring they were all joining the legendary Finnish pirate team Accession. But only a month of two later, three of the former First Wave members, Cool-J, Equalizer and Santtu left their new group to join the newly formed Unique. Reward, who had apparently come to First Wave some time before their last intro*, went on to become the most famous one of the bunch under Scoopex.

* Some early intros which use Reward's graphics credit him as "Reward of X-Beat", while the last one only states "Reward". In the same intro's scrolltext there are some apologies for an X-Beat member. If anyone has concrete information about this, /msg me.

Amiga Scene Groups

Information came from First Wave and Unique products, as well as my own memory.