An adjective that describes someone or something that is elfin, fairy-like, whimsical, slightly daft, perhaps with an otherworldly or magical air.

Example: With flowers in her hair and a fey smile on her face, Aimee pranced into the room and told us that she had just met the man of her dreams. Then she twirled around, and skipped on down the hall trilling nonsense syllables at the top of her voice.

Fey (?), a. [AS. fga, Icel. feigr, OHG. feigi.]

Fated; doomed.

[Old Eng. & Scot.]


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Fey (?), n. [See Fay faith.]





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Fey (?), v. t. [Cf. Feague.]

To cleanse; to clean out.




© Webster 1913.

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