Victor Anderson is the de facto founder of Faery Wicca. Rather than being a fertility-oriented tradition, the Faery tradition focuses on being an ecstatic (meaning ecstatic trance) traditon. Their central concept is Faery Power. Emphasis is placed on the sensual experience. This includes things such as sexual mysticism (and that not limited to heterosexuality). In general, risk-taking is more encouraged, and this tradition claims to be more amoral than other traditions.

During "enchantment", the practicioners see themselves as fairies -- fay. They feel that they are then outside of social definitions and limitations. Bardic and mantic creativity is encouraged, as this is a sort of shamanic path. The Faery path considers the Gods to be real (some pagans and pagan paths consider them helpful manifestations of our own subconscious), with morality a bit different from human morality. Their tradition considers their members to be travelling between the worlds, and their magical practices encourage possession and harmonize with the idea of shapeshifting. Their rites are fairly eclectic in origin, however.

This tradition also does not favor visitors and mass attendance.

This tradition has certain doctrines, such as secret names, magical work using pentacles, lots of liturgical material, doctrines such as the Three Selves, and honoring of a warrior ethic. This Tradition is gender-tolerant and sexual orientation-tolerant.

Apparently, Starhawk has used some concepts developed by this tradition, and apparently explains some of the concepts rather lucidly.

Thanks to the Covenant of the Goddess and the 3rd Road for information. To learn more, look at or

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