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Scoopex (short: SCX) is a international Amiga demo group founded in 1987. However, Scoopex has its roots in the Austrian c64 group Megaforce. In fact, even the official Scoopex slogan "Generations Ahead" descends from the old Megaforce slogan "Always Lightyears Ahead". While Megaforce produced more cracks than demos, Scoopex focused more and more on demos. And as more sceners from other countries joined, Scoopex was the group with the most demo releases in 1989, including demos like "Seven Sins" and "Lazer Lights".

With the time going on, Scoopex influenced the demo scene. The very best example for that is the demo "Mental Hangover". To quote their website:
"'Mental Hangover' got released, brought Scoopex to the top of the charts and changed the style of demos completely. Up to that point all big demos were socalled 'Megademos', which consisted of different parts with different music linked together by a loader, which was the same after each part. 'Mental Hangover' was the first 'Trackmo' (Trackloading Demo) ever and invented the style that was used in demos from 1990 until approximately 1996."
During this time (1989/90) Scoopex achieved a very high and, what's more, very good reputation inside the demo scene, based on their gfx, track and demo releases.

From 1991 till 1994, Scoopex had some trouble with keeping up to the high expectations, and also the most notable Scoopex production from that period, the packdisc "Nevermind", wasn't able to stop rumours about a soon-coming death of Scoopex.

However, Scoopex faced the situation, and with help from Scoopex's France division, the group rised again in 1995/96 with productions like "Artcore", "Cyberia" and "Zero Gravity 2". Motivated by that success, Scoopex made again more stunning productions during 1997 and 1998, like the "5977" slideshow by the talented graphician Lazur, one of my personal favourite demo "My Kingdom" and the very well known demos "Alien 2" and "The Sign". Alien2 used such a good graphics engine that a german Amiga magazine even rumoured about a commercial game engine being based on the Alien2 engine. Another good demo is also "1000%", released in 1998. In addition, Scoopex took in 1997 the Amiga scene magazine "Seenpoint" over and led it to new popularity.

In 1999 Scoopex released their first major demo for the PC, a port of the Amiga demo "Alien 2". However, Scoopex was on low profile again, with no other notable release in 1999, many members quitting and the dead of "Seenpoint" in 2000. After a dreadful long period of 11 months Scoopex released a new PC demo, "Audio Video Disco". In 2001, there were, again, only a few releases, the best known of them being "Art", another PC demo. On the other side, "Seenpoint" was re-established, but is now no longer a Scoopex-only production.

Currently, the members of Scoopex are: Antibyte (organizer, coder), Arancia (graphician), Biter (3d graphician, musician), Darklon (coder), Deck (musician), Dylan (coder), Dynac (coder), Fishwave (Seenpoint editor), Ganja (unknown), Karpow (trader), Kufa (coder), Lahve (trader), Laxical (musician), LostCluster (coder), Mazor (graphician), Mermaid (oldskool artist), Metal Designer (coder), Noogman (graphician), Peci (coder), StingRay (coder), TMB (webmaster, trader) and Virgill (excellent musician).

Some former but notable members of Scoopex: Shark the Master (founder), Vectrex (coder), Challenger (coder), Slayer (coder), Reward (graphician), Spycatcher (unknown), Mr.King (unknown), Boogeyman (coder) and Lazur (excellent graphician)

List of their demo releases:
Note: All demos are available from the Scoopex site (, some Amiga demos even as .avi files)


Delirium (Flash)
003 (PC)
Art (PC)


Audio Video Disco (PC)
Millenium (Amiga & .AVI)
Seenpoint 10 (Amiga)


Alien 2 (PC)
Das EFX (Amiga)
Eclipse (Amiga)
Hyper (Amiga)
Pulsar (Amiga)
Seenpoint 9 (Amiga)


1000% (Amiga & .AVI)
Abduction98 Invitation (Amiga & PC)
Alien 2 (Amiga & .AVI)
Effusion (Amiga)
Haupex (Amiga & .AVI)
Moving (Amiga)
Seenpoint 8 (Amiga)
Superautodrome 2 (Amiga & .AVI)
System Crime (Amiga & .AVI)
Torque (Amiga)


5977 (Amiga)
EC30 Intro (Amiga)
Gosh (Amiga)
My Kingdom (Amiga & .AVI)
Performance (Amiga)
Phorce (Amiga & .AVI)
Seenpoint 7 (Amiga)
Superautodrome (Amiga & .AVI)
The Sign (Amiga)
Zero Gravity 3 (Amiga & .AVI)


Abduction96 Invitation (Amiga)
Cyberia (Amiga)
Quantum (Amiga)
Satyanarayanan (Amiga)
Zero Gravity 2 (Amiga & .AVI)


666 Intro (Amiga)
Alien (Amiga)
Artcore (Amiga)
Free Your Mind (Amiga)
Iso (Amiga & .AVI)
Noname (Amiga)
Zero Gravity (Amiga & .AVI)


And Love For All (Amiga)
Forbitten Area (PC)
Laziness took me (Amiga)
No Human Vibes (Amiga)
SAC (Amiga)
Scoopex Melodies (Amiga)


Scoopex plays 2 Unlimited (Amiga)
Cebit93 Invitation (Amiga)
Ectobye (Amiga)
Maxima (Amiga)
Pha-Q (Amiga)
Semi 40k (Amiga)
Semi93 Invitation (Amiga)


It's Tricky (Amiga)
Seen Before (Amiga)
Smooth Chimes (Amiga)
Too Late (Amiga)
World Charts 5 (Amiga)
World Charts 6 (Amiga)
World Charts 7 (Amiga)
World Charts 8 (Amiga)


Chromium (Amiga)
S.t.u.n.n.e.r Dentro (Amiga)


Beast Sonix (Amiga)
Elefant (Amiga)
Glory Stars 2 (Amiga)
Green Surprise (Amiga)
Megademo 2 (Amiga)
Mental Hangover (Amiga & .AVI)


136 Bobs (Amiga)
165 Bobs (Amiga)
190 Bobs (Amiga)
205 Bobs (Amiga)
209 Bobs (Amiga)
2nd Demo (Amiga)
Big (Amiga)
Blitter Infection (Amiga)
Bobs In Space (Amiga)
Boys In Blue (Amiga)
Glory Stars (Amiga)
J.O.E.'s Slideshow II (Amiga)
Just Filled (Amiga)
Laser Light (Amiga)
Megademo (Amiga)
Seven Sins (Amiga)
Vectrex (Amiga)
Xenomorphs (Amiga)


1st Demo (Amiga)

Packdisk Series

Infestation (Amiga)
NamNam (Amiga)
Nevermind (Amiga)
Scoopex Demodisk (Amiga)
Slayer Pack (Amiga)

Sources: and my memories.

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