14:13 EET

My mom is taking a trip to an island near Turku, so I had to get up at 7 to see my little sister makes it to the school taxi in time. Naturally, I couldn't get sleep until 5 o'clock. With the few hours of downtime got after my sis left, the total amount of snoozing was around 4 hours. Tired? You bet.
Always following Murphy's Law, I missed the bus and had to walk to the office. It wasn't actually that bad, since the weather kicked ass. Cloudy, moderately warm and accompanied by a small cool breeze. Nice.

An employee of my current client company popped in with some requests, material etc. There are two sections of the company I'm doing work for, and the difference between them is incredible. The other section - which the guy visiting us works for - is really helpful and generally interested in the project. The second unit though has given us the impression they don't give a rat's ass about the whole job, and are constantly being extremely uncooperative and difficult. I wish the whole thing could go through the better section, but those are the breaks.

After the client's visit, there is a mountain of stuff to do before the project is finally finished. No mad noding spree coming from me in a few days I'm afraid.

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