Noun (British slang) A boyish girl - one who acts without restraint and acts to excess

The "ladette" is a common sight in Western society, especially in Britain. For much of the 20th century, women were expected to behave with decorum and be dutiful to their husbands. Even in the "Swinging 60's", this phenomenon was not common-place. However that began to change in the late 1990s.

Whereas the 60s were mostly about liberation, the current attitude is more about indulgence and hedonism. There's nothing wrong about this - we're all over-indulgent sometimes. But ladettes often take it too far.

Drinking has always been a large part of social recreation. But ladettes usually take it to extremes. Though binge-drinking is rising as a whole amongst society, they are the worst victims, often drinking far beyond their limits. And as women on average have much lower tolerance of alcohol than men, this can cause severe problems. Aside from the obvious health risks, the biggest problems for these women are their attitudes to sex. In a word, coupled with alcohol, many become sluts.

Though this brings temporary pleasure, many find that it interferes with longer-term relationships. People may want to sleep with them, but no one wants to share a partner. Also, the lack of discrimination can often lead these lassies to get hurt. There are lots of people out there who will take advantage of them.

So what's the solution? Lock your daughters up? 'Course not! This is something they've got to sort out themselves. If they want to be like that, fine. But they often have to live with the consequences.