This is a very difficult, but not impossible task. The key is getting the lads to see you as one of them, which is easier said than done. Think carefully - do you want to do this? Remember that none of your bloke pals will ever hold a door open for you again. They won't look at you in a sexual way. However, it can be a pisser to be a girl lad. I am not talking about lager louts or transsexuals. Just ordinary girls who want to be accepted by a circle of boys.

In boys' eyes there are two clear categories of women. There are those they would like to have sex with, and those they would not especially like to have sex with. In order to become one of the lads, a girl must fit into the second category. It helps, of course, if you are not stunningly attractive. Any girl who is gorgeous will have to work extra hard if she is to be accepted. However, a hideous girl will be a source of ridicule, not a lad. Ideally, you must be average looking. A bloke must not be ashamed to walk into a pub alone with you.

The most important factor in becoming a lad is your behaviour.

All of these activities result in winning respect. Not all are essential in order to be accepted. I would advise that you implement at least three.

An important thing to do is spend the maximum amount of time with your male mates. The more invitations to go drinking you accept, the closer you will become to the lads. Also, their behaviour will eventually rub off on you.

Take part in a pisser. This is the best piece of advice I can give you.

I seem to have become one of the lads recently. For me, it happened quite by accident, but these are the reasons for it, as far as I can see. It's a good situation to be in

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