A little anecdote to follow Jet-Poop's I just got a Spanish video from Maryland signed by the FAMOUS bob the cow and Queequeg! daylog:

A friend of ours (we == Queequeg and I) recently spent a year in Spain. One day she mentioned that she had seen the worst movie when she was in Spain. (Note that I have no idea how she could say that she thought it was a really bad movie when it was still in the original packaging.) Not only that, but it was in Spanish. So, she asked me if I wanted it. I didn't, so I said, "Sure." I kept it for some time, without thinking about it for a while. Quite recently, I happened to remember about it, and realized that it had remarkable potential. You see, it's supposed to be a funny movie in English (I've actually never seen it in English. I haven't seen it in Spanish, either, but I don't speak Spanish anyway) and we all know that Spanish is an inherently humorous language, so I thought that it would make a great gag gift. But the problem was, who was deserving of such a gift? The answer, of course, was the entire Team Jet-Poop. They like corny things, and they like Spanish, it's a perfect match!

So, that's how this remarkable video made its epic journey from Spain to Maryland to Texas. Also note that if you want to enlist the services of Queequeg, the professional doodler, for your multi-million dollar corporate website, I'm sure she could help you out.