Listen up newbie noder

If I comment on your nodes, suggesting improvement, I don't hate you. I am not voting your nodes down. I am not organising a pack of level 5 and above noders to XP rape you into oblivion. I suggest to make E2 a better place, not to swell my own ego. So don't /msg whinging complaints when someone has voted down a node I commented on. Don't assume it was me. Take it on the chin. Improve your nodes. Don't simply cut and paste. Learn to link. Learn to format. Don't make claims you can't back up. Attribute that stuff you took from the web. Summarise. Don't bullshit me, I've spent the last 10 years of my life dealing with geek bullshit. It doesn't work. Get over your ego.

I will vote up factual nodes, as they're overlooked. At the end of the day, if I have votes left, I will vote down getting to know you nodes. I C! stuff I like, be it weird nonsense, or nodes like laser with nifty ASCII art. I C! Dizzy now and again, because his mind is suitably sick.


Voting may be a popularity contest, but I am not going to compare dick size with you.

And posting insulting nodes as everyone is not big, and it's not clever. Hey I feel like an editor now, just without the power.

And now, back to the daylog. Damn it's cold outside. Time to air out my sweaters. Time to stand outside, freezing to have a smoke. Today is a day of meetings with the boss to rant about the lack of work and the stupid office games I have having to play with sales people. I will win. I always win.

KID A - New Radiohead CD, just bought, now playing. Quiet office. Bliss.

Damn, Compaq messed up my credit card information, there is more than enough space on the card, yet it got denied. My bank can't understand it. I have to send a cheque now. I have no idea where my cheque book is.

jessicapierce saw my belly button last night, and promised to show hers. She welched! :)