Don't get me wrong, most people that know me, know I love children. I dote on my niece and nephews, I spoil them too much. Last week my best female friend had her second born induced. I was first to be called outside the immediate family. I sent a really big bunch of flowers and I'll go visit once my cold/flu has gone. She's even tried to tell me about her stiches until I squealed and told her to shut up. But today I saw the first round of baby pictures. The usual small and red and wrinkled. But it just brought back the fact I'm single.

Maybe it's because I'm Irish I feel some sort of inate pressure to be married. It's not my parents, they're more than content with my sisters and their grandchildren, but I ache.

Now I am not good as asking women out. It's the only time I get tongue tied (see I am not prepared for the rest of this conversation for more on this), yet last month I managed it. She came back from her holiday two weeks ago. Nothing. Nada. Null. Zip.

Hint people,

if you change your mind about going on a date with someone TELL THEM

Ignoring them is horrible. It's worse. Have some courage, it took courage to ask you out.

I hate this right now.