Perhaps it's not a question of can I learn, but more a question of can I learn correctly? E2 by its nature is a dumping ground. The popularity issues mean that votes cannot be used to grade factual information on its correctness. Once you begin to have voting rights you can't even see a node's grade. Factual nodes by their nature don't get prominence.

You can learn about human nature. You can learn about arguments, sex, opinions but it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some people shout louder than others. Some people sulk when they aren't listened to. Some people fight back when they think they are ignored.

Everything is not a university, it's not a library, it is more like a kindergarten where children's thoughts and shouts become disjointed, or a drunken party where the conversation turns to sex and masturbation, with the sober attendees sighing in the background.

To learn from E2 will take discipline. It will take work. You must think about what you read, evaluate it, check it. This is not a bad thing.