In all honesty, I don't really care about being cooled. Really. But for the most part, C!'s go to write-ups that are well written or entertaining, or more often than not, both. Of course, the occasional cooling I'm sure is a result of an accident, most likely a complete lack of mouse control, but that's another story.

The real problem is that in order to have an entertaining write-up, you not only need to be a good storyteller, but you need a good story. I'm sure an exceptional storyteller could make anything sound good, especially if spoken, but when putting it in writing, it's much harder. Unfortunately for me, I'm not much of a storyteller and to be perfectly honest, I don't have that many stories. The most exciting even in my life so far, at least one which makes a good story that the rest of you would find worth reading, is my stay in the hospital.

I write this after reading yet another great writeup by birdonmyshoulder* about why she will never drink rootbeer again. Sure I could tell you about how I worked at a drug store or how in high school I worked as a baggage handler for Canadian Airlines at the Kelowna Airport. But, really, why would you care? While I enjoyed those, nothing really exciting happened. I could tell you about some drinking fests I had while living in residence at the University of Calgary, but I don't remeber the details of most of those. And those I do remember, well, I don't want to remember then, let alone write them down.

But, like I said, I really don't care about getting C!-ed. I don't write to get XP or C!-ed. Not at all. But I will admit that I like it when it happens. It's like a validation that out there, somewhere, somebody liked what you wrote. And hopefully they weren't just dumping their cools off, which make no sense since they don't gain anything from that. Hopefully they cool like I do, and only give it away when it's worthy. I think I use my daily cool maybe 15-20% of the time, if that.

Anyway, sometimes I think it's not fair that I spend my days in front of a computer, just sitting there programming away. Of course, sometimes life just isn't fair.

Lethal: It's not a sob story at all. I was simply stating fact; I'm boring, I'm a crappy storyteller, I have no stories to tell.

s/a/b: I'm not saying that because you're a programmer you don't get cooled. I said _I_ was a boring programmer; programming consumes my life so I'm quite boring. As a result I don't have many entertaining stories to tell. And anyway, I only said it was hard to get cool-ed.

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