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Olympics 2000 - Sydney, Australia
No. of countries: 200
No. of athletes: - ( m + w)
No. of events: 296

Swimming replaced track and field as the main event this time. Most noticable from T&F: a white guy wins the sprint distance 200 meters. The first Olympics that didn't have a world record set in track and field. Cameroon has declared a public holiday to celebrate its national soccer team's Olympic gold medal.

Inge de Bruijn set three new world records and won three gold medals. CJ Hunter made a fool out of himself. Marion Jones, Michael Johnson and Cathy Freeman won expected gold medals.

Most medals: Alexei Nemov of Russia, Men's Gymnastics, 2 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze.

2001.12.07@13:33 Catchpole says Steve Redgrave becomes first modern olympian to win gold in 5 consecutive games