Gold medals look excellent for you. It means you were the best. Even a silver means that you were close. You tried your hardest and you almost did it, which is good enough. But a bronze... *shudder*. This will always be what haunts Marion Jones. If she had gotten all five golds that would have been fine... but three?

This is a sample dialogue with her on a job interview:

/* partially into the meeting*/

Marion: I did get 3 gold medals at the Olympics.

Interviewer: Well, that's impressive. Any silver?

Marion: Well, no.

Interviewer: Oh, so you didn't get any more medals.

Marion: Well, I did get 2 bronze medals.

Interviewer: You-  you got a- (long pause) bronze medal
(trails off)... (whispers under breath)oh my... oh my god.
A bronze! (pause) Well, that isn't the kind of person we
want working at Pizza Hut!

Marion: I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to-

Interviewer: That's no excuse! Get out of my office!
And stay out! You and your children! And your children's

May have been slightly overdramatized.

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