One of my friends, Samuel, had a sculpture on his wall. It was basically just artsy shaped text on a green background. The text was "Jesus is mowing my lawn while his disciples are sitting down waiting". Now, I'm not a Christian and I've many times been in conflict with Christians, and even with my token Christian friend Samuel -- but this line really struck a chord in me.

I started dreaming up scenarios of Christians moping around, spreading "the word" or their version of the word, while their hero and supposed role-model, Jesus, was doing the hard favour-doing work.

Basically, if you have to be a Christian, practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Then you'll earn my respect. Don't go around bashing gays and creating hierarchic patriarchic theocratic institutions, thinking that you know better. Preach no word but kindness, preach no salvation but the instant salvation that is a friendly touch or a favour done. Pay it forward. But do be kind. Even if it's for the selfish, shady motive that getting into heaven is, I think good people makes for a better world.

And the grass is no longer greener on the other side of the fence.

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