Born February 16, 1973 in Mackay, Australia

Track star and Olympic gold medalist (400 meters). Freeman burst onto the scene at the age of sixteen. The following year she astonished spectators when she walked away with the gold at the Commonwealth Games in 1990.

In addition to Olivia Newton-John and Paul Hogan, Cathy is one of Australia's most beloved public figures winning both the Young Australian of the Year, and Aboriginal Athlete of the Year Award in 1991. In 1992 she became the first Aboriginal track and field athlete to represent Australia at an Olympic Games.

Freeman makes a concerted effort to represent herself as a role model for Aborigine and non-Aborigine people alike and has used her fame to focus attention on the plight of her people, especially The Stolen Generation of Aborigine children taken from their parents and illegally adopted into White Australian Chrisitian families.

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