I refuse to play this game at all. I have, as a result, never asked someone out. This is my policy and I'm sticking to it.

I'm not saying I won't ever act interested, but if you want to go out it's up to you to do something about it. It's not a matter of fear of rejection I just don't want anything to do with this silly little system of trying to guess what someone's really thinking and feeling at the moment without just coming out and saying it so I've opted out entirely. I'm just waiting around until someone comes out and does something because they have a significant interest and aren't the type of person who's afraid to just come out and say what they mean.

The effectiveness of this can be debated, but I'd like to think it worked: my current girlfriend cut right to the chase by avoiding any silly little signals and just coming out and kissing me.

Update: Six years later and we're still together. Coincidence...? ... or conspiracy!

Second update (11/26/14): I've been gone from the site for... years doesn't even seem right at this point. But coming back this is one of the first posts I was reminded of so another update is in order. The two of us are still together and stronger than ever. When I first wrote this we hadn't yet made it to our first anniversary, now we're closing in on 15 years together. Never married, never going to be, child-free, and non-monogamous.