Arrrrgggghhhhh. I've had a bunch of shitty days in a row. Why my life sucks:
  1. I'm flunking differential equations. I flunked a test earlier today, and I've been basically sucking in that class all semester.
  2. I'm flunking physics. I flunked a test earlier today, and I've been basically sucking in that class all semester. If I do end the semester still flunking both these classes, I will be on academic probation.
  3. I have stress fractures in my shins, and some thing else that's fucked up in my knees, something with my patella sliding out of place. Basically it means that I can't play Ultimate, the game I love, the sport that gives my life meaning and purpose, for 6 weeks.
  4. I do too much drugs. At least part of the reason(actually a lot of the reason) I am flunking classes is because I smoke too much pot.
  5. I don't have any pot. Well, OK, my life doesn't suck because of that, but it would be really really nice to have some weed. I would really like to get stoned right now. Of course, the blatant contradiction of this and the one right above it does not escape me.
  6. I am not getting any(sort of). I did get way, way too drunk on Galens 151 punch and hook up with a girl who is a total slut and who I would not ever, ever, ever in a million years, touch if I was sober last weekend. Boy, I felt great about that the next day. And the girl that I do like, who is interesting and has a personality and such, well, I talk to her. And usually manage to make myself sound really stupid. Why is it that being near a girl that I am remotely interested in turns me into a drooling cretin?

Ok, now I'm going to stop whining and realistically look at things.
Things aren't all bad. I'm about to go on vacation, and I've still got a chance to pass my classes. I've got friends who I'm about to go hang out with now. Actually, I really don't have that much to complain about, and all of my problems can be traced back to one source - ME. So really what I should do is stop whining about it on E2, start working hard in my classes, stop smoking so much and get my fucking act together. But its a lot easier to bitch and moan than to actually do anything.