A variety of vodka that is 75.5% alcohol, or 151 proof. It is charcoal filtered, and bottled by International Liquers, Lewiston, ME. It is distilled from 100% grain neutral spirits. It is highly flammable and comes with a warning on the back against pouring in the presence of an open flame etc. etc. Galens is a good thing to make punch with, as it is fairly cheap for the amount of alcohol you get and has very little flavor, since it is mostly a tasteless liquid(ethanol). Galens 151 punch is a popular beverage at Oberlin Ultimate Frisbee parties. WARNING: 151 punch is more potent than it tastes, and will get you real real drunk if you're not careful. Not that being real real drunk is necessarily a bad thing. Galens is not the best thing for mixed drinks, as it is very alcoholic and has no distinctive flavor, unlike, say, some of the varieties of Absolut, which can make excellent mixed drinks.

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