Warning: Pointless, angry rant about windows 98 is coming up. Duck.

I am an RCC, a residential computer consultant at Oberlin College. This means that whenever some luser manages to break their computer, I have to go fix it. Or try to. Frequently this involves dealing with stupid people and stupider OSes, like Windows 98.

God, what a piece of shit. The people who made this worthless heap of donkey droppings must have been smoking large quantities of extremely potent crack to come up with something this crappy. I wish Bill Gates was in this room right now so I could whack him with a pimp stick and smack him around for inflicting the horrible boil on the ass of the Earth that is the Microshit Corporation. I currently have a box that was having trouble detecting a sound card, which had been working previsouly. So I put the card in a different slot. At which point Windows, in all it's infinite wisdom, decided to stop working. I put the card back in the original slot. I took the card out entirely. Nothing. It now occassionally manages to boot into safe mode. Safe mode. The way a shitty OS can become even more shitty. Safe mode. Where windows, once again demonstrating the kind of design genius that can only come from large quantities of extremely potent drugs, decides not to load any useful drivers, like say, your NIC, or your CD-ROM, but, somehow, decides to load such necessary things as ACTIVE DESKTOP. Yup, you don't really need that CD drive, but you have to be able to see your desktop as a fuckin web page. Christ, would I like to get my hands on the ass pirate who made that decision. So, anyhow, you don't have your damn CD-ROM, so you can't reload the pile of fetid bat dung that you call an OS. So, you might try using the ever useful mscdex utility to manually load the cd drivers. HAH. You think. Until you realize that mscdex has no documentation. NONE. It is not mentioned once in all the Windows help I could find. So of course now you want to look on the web for any help you can find, but FUCKING WINDOWS DIDN"T LOAD YOUR FUCKING NIC. So you don't have any net access. Amusingly enough though, in safe mode, it apparently is able to detect that sound card that it stopped detecting in the first place, and in fact claims it is installed and is working properly. Amusingly enough though, the card was removed and is sitting on the desk in front of you.

Fuck you, windows 98. I hate you.