BiOFH = Bitch Operator From Hell
The female version of a BOFH. Not nearly as prone to luser data violence as a BOFH, the BiOFH is still a force to be feared when contacting a help desk. Brought to the public eye by to address the glaring absence of this creature from tech lore, the BiOFH should never be ignored and never, ever talked down to for fear of brute force cojones removal. (see John Wayne & Lorena Bobbitt for details on this mod)
Described therein as:
BiOFH Bitch Operator From Hell (n.) - Often described "as any plebian computer user's worst nightmare", but more generally and accurately described as "any plebian computer user's worst nightmare especially if he's a misogynist bastard!". A computing administrator with breasts and a very bad attitude (usually stemming from said plebian misogynist bastards).

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