I love to teach. Look at my writeups, look at my chatter, look at anything about my life. Teaching is my life. I lost my teaching job. Budget cuts and red tape has sent me to become unemployed. I applied/called to over 40 schools: no results. Believe it or not, it is not the income I worry about. It is not the lack of seniority wasting away. It is truly the lack of life in my life.

I feel the drive still. I feel the burning desire to achieve so much. I can still feel it. I know those fires need stoked to keep my aspirations breathing. I am driven by an urge to retain so much passion in what I do but become frustrated every morning simply by waking. I need to feel awake when I wake.

Is this the forum for these concerns? Who knows, argue it if you want, you all love to argue. But I am a firm believer in positive thinking and just support to bring about positive change in life. This may seem like a trivial situation, tons of people are unemployed. Think about it this way: I would teach for free if I could. I have essentially lost my life. There are so many minute details that leave me with the loss of teaching: coaching, money for coasters, and the overall ability to strive towards my life’s work of education.

I have grown quite fond of this place and these people. If you, my writing brethren (in the neuter sense), would keep a good thought for me, I’d appreciate it more than you know.