Today, or rather tomorrow, anyway the 4th of July is demo day for me. I am a bit worried, but I have done all I could. I hacked DTML. I wrote to the Zope mailing list.
Maybe I even found a bug in the implementation.

I set up an alternate server, in case the main big Sun machine should decide to blow a processor, as it has already done in a couple of occasions.

Our content director, Miss Fairfinger is busy pasting HTML that came from unknow sources. The new Lesser Kahuna is learning HTML tags. The graphic designer boys look bone-tired.
The former Lesser Kahuna, the Big Kahuna and all his courtesans will be there tomorrow, including the three people he actually listens to.

I am tired. Yesterday I suddenly fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon, despite the coffee and the Mexican elections excitment.
By the way, Vicente Fox Quesada has won with a large margin, something nobody expected. The ones that less expected it were in the now-ex-ruling party.

My sister should have, by now, completed her high school finals. Now she gets to agonize over which university to go to, which would admittedly be an easier choice if she knew what she wants to study.
I do not have a pair of clean pants for tomorrow. I love running the drier at 3AM.
More random thoughts ... today the drill demons were working in faraway parts of the building. Probably they will stumble on a power line tomorrow, in the worst possible moment.
Today I noded a bit. Progress is slow, but people seem to like what I write. I am getting to know other noders, mostly through their works. I am still recovering about the misunderstanding with dem bones on napalm sticks to kids. We disagreed on parsing, of all things.
Anyway, I like the hamster people, ideath, General Wesc, ApoxyButt, mat catastrophe and Deep Thought. I like many more, but right now I am too tired to be fair, and anyway nobody gives a damn about whom I like, right ?
And DMan, when he is off drugs, wrote some damn good nodes.

The demo went well, the servers did not tank midway. BUT, the Big Kahuna did not give us money (or rather, did not extend our budget to cover the forthcoming hiring expenses), which means that we are still in a limbo, project-wise.
The other Goosefood Project people went to celebrate, I went back to the backlog from my other job, running with an iron fist the Long Haul division (didn't I tell you ? I have two jobs and a half, but only one salary !), sent some seriously bitchy email about certain sucky web pages, and prepared for the axing of about one hundred stupid, forgotten, bloated, currently useless accounts, totalling almost 400 Megs on our unhappy servers.
I have discovered that Ramstein is perfect for writing pissed-off email. It brings out the bastard in me, not that it takes much effort.

Drill demons are at work again. I expect to be spiked to my swivel chair any moment now.
Today I leave early (relatively ... just 1900) so that I can see my SO and watch a movie. I hope we do not fight. What with my demo-mode recently we have been pretty unstable. But I am tired...