This was a quiet day. I progressed in the subtle art of slack-fu.
More napsturbation. I have decided that I am in love with Claudia Brücken, and I have added a little something to my home node.
The noding goes on. Today I wrote a large, meat-filled, WU on the beloved BLOCKQUOTE HTML tag. It was surprisingly well received, almost on the level of WUs about sex with household objects. I say this without any bitterness, because geekness is its own reward.

I take advantage of this Daylog to make a proclamation, that will shock some, amuse some, prompt some other to retreat to the cold quiet of a mountain monastery in Tibet and leave everybody else absolutely unchanged:


I finished the Children of Dune. Not much happens in the book. Almost finished Midnight's Children, where a lot of things happen. Embarassingly, I could not refrain from noding sissy maid. But then I cleverly noded "scotopic", in order to prevent the impression that I am a total pervert.
I want to create the impression that I am a total geeky pervert, and I like to think that I am doing fine.

Listening to Brian Eno's Music for Airports; it feels very good.
Today I indulged in vanity and noded "baffo". I don't know if it is presumptuous. But after all the glamourous ideath did it herself, and that is the reason why I did it as well: maybe I will become glamourous myself.

mibarra started noding. Cherish him, for he is good.

Bronze .oOo. Iron