"Have you hugged a fat person today? We're a lot more fun to hug -- you won't get poked by sharp protruding ribs!"

This is a quote from Sylvar's writeup at the top of fat acceptance. Apart from various other things in it, I'm offended by this. I mean, sure, I'm all about accepting people for who, or what, or why they are, but when you're preaching tolerance and jibing at an opposing type of person in the same sentence, it's not only blatantly hypocritical, but it makes people look silly.

I mean, I wouldn't wake up one morning and say, gee, I really like sleep, so being awake is stupid. On the same note as the fat acceptance writeup, I wouldn't say, I'm proud to be gay, and being gay is better than being straight. In any situation, we've got to realize how to phrase things tactfully.

And then again, since Sylvar's writeup is at a mighty level of repute, this passage is bound to be taken to the dogs by the angry fattys that manage to control Everything through their votes

That was a joke

I'd like to finish off by pointing out that a thin person, even one who is thin enough to have protruding ribs, won't poke someone with them. Maybe grind, but it can be pleasant, and they certainly aren't sharp. If they are sharp, they're broken, and the person being hugged would be more concerned with the blood on their sweater than the quality of the hug.

- DJuxtapose Out.

Post Script: Sylvar, much prior to this node, had already redefined his fatlosophy in What it's like to be skinny.

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