All conversations in #Everything will eventually turn to the topic of pornography.

This is a very disturbing discovery, and leads to one very important conclusion: following random URLs thrown out during a conversation could very well get you fired1 if you do it during company time. Indeed, one could conceive of a person being fired for simply being in #Everything if their employer really didn't like porn. You Have Been Warned!

1: However, this does not make #Everything as dangerous as it first may seem: studies show that less than 0.5% of time spend in #Everything is spent on intelligent conversation. A whopping 76% is spent in silence, 14% is spent saying "Yow", 5.5% is spent say hello and/or goodbye (and variants thereof), and the remaining 4% is spent making comments in the attempt to start a conversation that nobody then responds to. Obviously futher studies are needed to confim just what it is that keeps us all coming back for more.

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