Pornography involves its own unique jargon which has several differences from traditional English usage. Those not familiar with pornography's colorful turns of phrase may find something slightly different than what they expected, so to facilitate accurate selection to fancy one's particular taste, it is important to familiarize oneself with the following definitions:

all-natural (adj)
A woman who does not admit she has breast implants. It is important to note that all-natural refers to the breasts only, and an all-natural woman will still be wearing entirely too much makeup and have chemically or heat treated hair; and may or may not be on various nutritional supplements, vitamins, and legal and illegal medications.
See all-natural tits bigger than your head!

amateur (n, adj)
A performer who has any source of income outside of the adult entertainment industry.
Crystyl is an amateur performer who's been in dozens of hardcore films.

Asian (adj)
Japanese, Chinese, Thai, or Filipino, in decreasing order of frequency; also, having mixed ethnicity partially from the aforementioned countries. Asian never refers to Korean, Laotian, or Vietnamese, although performers from these countries may be billed as coming from one of the approved countries to qualify. There are no other countries in Asia. East Indian is a separate classification entirely.
Asian porn star Minka in: "The Twin Peaks of Mount Fuji."

banned (adj)
Any act which, if publicly shown in a fundamentalist Muslim country, would result in state-sponsored corporal or capital punishment.
Ultra-hot banned videos, available from your local video rental.

barely legal (adj)
see lolita

bizarre (adj)
A very wide category involving any fetish other than light sadomasochism, including heavy S&M, fisting, tribadism, scat, and wet'n'messy, all the way up through erotic horror and xenophilia.

coed (n, adj)
A college-aged woman, typically 18–21. Coeds may or may not actually attend a coeducational university, and may be in an all-women school or even not attending school at all. Coed pornography does not necessarily involve males.
Sexy lesbian coeds from St. Mary's School for Wayward Girls.

exotic (adj)
  1. Not Caucasian.
  2. Erotic.

facial (n)
Primarily, an act involving a man ejaculating on a woman's face, but occasionally her breasts or hair instead. May or may not involve massage of the facial muscles. If a Japanese or any other Asian woman is involved it will be referred to as bukkake.

fetish (n, adj)
Involving light sadomasochism or bondage; or leather, rubber, and vinyl outfits associated with S&M. For any other fetish, see bizarre

free (adj)
A meaningless word used to increase the chances of being selected by an internet search engine.
Click here for 100% totally free porn — no strings! Valid major credit card required.

hermaphrodite (n)
A pre-op male-to-female transsexual, having breasts and a penis but no vagina. An Asian (typically Thai) meeting this description is referred to as a ladyboy. An actual hermaphrodite with female secondary sexual characteristics is called a dickgirl, and is generally only seen rendered as a cartoon drawing in anime style.
"And you rented this?" "Hey, I like to expand my horizons." — Clerks (1994)

hot (adj, adv)
Meaningless, can describe any activity or person. The natural of individual fetishes is such that for any given act, someone, somewhere, can be found who will indeed consider it sexually enticing.

illegal (adj)
Acts leading up to, but not actually including, activity such as bestiality or snuff.

interracial (adj, adv)
Involving a Black man. Caucasian/Asian acts are not considered interracial. Acts involving a Black man and a Black woman may be considered interracial in some cases, similar to how acts involving two women can be described as coed. Similarly, gay porn between a Caucasian man and a Black man is interracial, but lesbian porn between a Caucasian woman and a Black woman is not (because lesbian sex isn't really sex). Anything involving a Black woman and a Caucasian man may be considered interracial but, like the Loch Ness Monster, pornography depicting such are only rumored to exist.
Pseudo_Intellectual adds that the terms Black and Interracial are reserved for Black men, while Black women are referred to as ebony.
Why don't you do interracial? — question on Korean entertainer Minka's website.

lesbian (n)
Any woman who is not squeamish about touching another woman sexually. The word "bisexual" is meaningless in pornography, as all women are assumed to be bisexual.

lolita (n, adj)
An 18–19 year old woman, or one who can pass for 18.

mature (adj)

MILF (n)
Any woman between the ages of 40 and 110, regardless of whether or not she has children or anyone would actually LF. Although many of these women would more probably be considered GILFs, that's not quite as catchy.

nymphomaniac (n)
A woman who is capable of experiencing an orgasm, or at least faking one convincingly.

slut (n)
A woman with morals so loose and standards so low, that you might have a chance with her.

solo (adv)
Involving only one performer, a cameraman, director, lighting technician, makeup artist, and set designer, plus the production company, editing lab, and marketing department.

teenage (adj), teenager (n)
See lolita

twins (n)
Two women who have their hair styled the same way and are wearing similar clothes. This concept can be extended to triplets, etc.

virtual lap dance, virtual blowjob (n)
A woman performing sexual acts on the cameraman. Does not involve virtual reality, teledildonics, or even 3D film.

XXX (adj)
Running under the assumption that if it were rated by the MPAA it would be rated NC-17.

Who are you calling cynical?

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