The show featured pastisches of popular TV shows and films. These all involved toys, most commonly fluffy ones, and included:

Ally McSqueal - nose-snortingly hilarious
Toytanic - an epic two-parter
Seven Drarves
The Toy Patient
EPR - as in ER
Creche - can't remember what this was. Anyone?
Stuff This Life
Saving Private Lion
Shakesbeare In Love
Stuffed Trek - including the evil Bjorn Borg toy collective

They also did a number of 'Star Wars and modern TV shows combined' bits using Star Wars Figures:
Star Wars In Their Eyes
Chew wants to be a Millionaire
This Morning with Richard and Chewy
Chew've been Framed
Blind Data
Star Wars: TFI Friday
Leia - chat show thing like Oprah I think
Jedi Springer

The show also included Vinyl Justice where they would question a celeb on their record collection, and BaaadDad, where Adam or Joe's (can never remember which one's Dad it was) actual Dad would review records or other modern cultural phenomenon like Ibiza.

Loads more at:

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