It really is amazing what alcohol will make some people do. There are those who go crazy, those who clam-up, and those who act normal when drunk. Alcohol even influences some people without being consumed. Obtaining a fake ID, or having someone illegally buy you alcohol are prime examples of its effects without consumption. However, the oddest non-consumption effect I have ever experienced, was my girlfriend breaking up with me for it.

How a great relationship, that meant the world to me and more, can one day vanish into thin air, is almost beyond my comprehension. I've heard of all the common excuses for a breakup, but this one completely took me by surprise. Looking back on that horrible night when she revealed to me her feelings, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed alcohol that caused her to end such a wonderful relationship. Being a member of an anti-alcohol and drug group in her school, she had never wanted to try it, and then one day decided that she "had to have it". She immediately quit the group so she wouldn't feel guilty. She broke this news to me that she wanted to go to parties and get drunk and "have fun", so she was "sorry", but she needed to do this for herself to "live life". Now I know that at some point, most people do at least try it, but that's not the problem, the problem is, that she is willing to break my heart over a liquid. To me it seems very immature, and as if getting dumped by the person I love isn't enough, it's over a stupid beverage! The past few weeks have been hard, not only because I was dumped over alcohol, but having to know that literally the next day, and every weekend since, she has gone to crazy parties and gotten wasted, has been excruciating. It is all just so hard to swallow. I have spent many sleepless nights missing the times we had together, while she was out partying.

This experience has shed light as to the real effects that alcohol can have on a person. It has successfully ended one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I miss the one I love so very much, but because of alcohol, I can never again have what has been taken away.