Looks like AF is out of the game for a while

Yes, folks, due to a nasty spill off a bike exceeding sane velocity parameters, I'm a bit banged up. As the broken hand and sprained fingers make typing (and thus noding) a tedious process, I'll probably be pretty quiet around here for a bit. Also reducing my noding powers is the fact that the machine i use at home - an early vaio 505 model - turfed last week. Ah well - I haven't been exactly prolific of late anyway.

In addition to breaking bones and lacerating most parts of my body this weekend, i left a good chunk of my face on the pavement. I knew it was bad when everyone in the ER - including the veteran attending doc - winced upon looking under the dressing and said I'd really messed myself up. That reminds me - I'll hafta node about how awesome the ER people are when i'm back up to speed.

Facial scars are roguish and sexy right? Right???