It's true.. they're about two weeks overdue and I've had the same books since Christmas. I just keep renewing them over and over, and placing them upon the shelf in my bedroom until I feel like reading a couple of pages. The only one I've actually finished is Henry Miller's "The Colossus of Maroussi". It's not that I don't have time to read, it's that I always seem to occupy myself with something else.

The good thing about the books I've taken out is that the library really doesn't care.. no one is going to come in looking for the James Joyce I've had for months, not in this town. I can't part with them because I want to read them, I just haven't.. so I'll just wander into the library the next time it is open, and pretend that I've had the books only a short time.. they really don't remember from visit to visit, any way. Then I'll stroll back home and place them on the shelf.. spine's facing inwards, upon the suggestion of textbot, our beloved IRC random text spewer.

Why is it that there are late fee's for books, when I've donated copious amounts of money to fund new text purchase, and the building of a bigger, better book center? I think it's not too entirely fair to charge for late books in a town like this where the community funds most of the purchases, any way. Ah well.. I guess the money they collect can just be put towards buying more books, any way. Still.. I don't like having to pay for my text.. text should be free, free to the masses.. and if I happen to forget to tell them for a week that I intend to keep it a bit longer, well, that shouldn't matter. I can't part with my Henry Miller.. I'm in love with it, it feels like it's my book now. I never want to give it back.. maybe I should just tell them I lost it and give them money for books people around here would be able to appreciate (a book about tractors, or something).

Hrm.. I really had more of a point when I started.. this sickness thing isn't so nice on the brain, my thoughts are confuzzled. Quite sorry. I'll go through these nodes tomorrow and fix them up if I'm feeling better.

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