I dreampt of Everything in the abstract: no people involved. Someone posted a question: of a list of 18 variations on "noël", which was correct? I initially added a node to "noel", but then killed it and some other write-up when I noticed I had forgotten the umlaut. I laughed at someone who had chosen "chou-croute" out of the list.

I dreamed I saw my friend chris, who is at the moment galivanting around australia. His backpack had, as usual, a carabiner as a keychain, but this one had a green LED on it. "It's a security system." Was convinced this actually happened until, some hours after waking up, I see a carabiner and am reminded that no, not only is a micro-engineered keychain technically improbable, but the fellow is more or less on the opposite side of the earth and unlikely to have discussed it with you.

I had some very interesting delusions of power and grandeur last night.....

Ah, the freedom of dreams. My mind wanders. I am Superman. I am a ninja. I was a man with a gun. I was hiding in the shadows, watching. I have superpowers beyond imagination. I am invincible, invisible, omnipotent, all-powerful. I am ..... God. MUHWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Bow down before me, mere mortals!

In my dream, I exercised these powers in strange yet wonderful ways. I made my enemies, real and imagined, suffer. I remember torturing a bully I remember from middle school. I killed a bunch of the "in" crowd with a thought, watched their bodies explode into bits. I drew a katana and hacked off the heads of my antagonists. What fun indeed.

I was in Sydney. Totally invisible. Nobody saw me. I was a ghost. Voyeuristic impulses come into play. I stroll around. Suddenly, I was in some house. In the bedroom was a couple having sex. I watched, bemused. More couples, more observation. I felt powerful somehow.

Flying in the sky, like an eagle. Swooping down and killing people. I was the hunter, they were prey. I was their God! I decided who lived or who died!

Just as it was getting really fun, I wake up.

DMan's subconscious. It's a scary place.

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