heyoka's got it right here, women. Get properly fitted for your bra. I did, and now, for the first time ever, my bras are sort of comfortable.

The whole experience of being fitted was odd, though. I was in a bra shop, so that's all they do in there. They measure, they find a bra that conforms to what you're looking for, you try it on, and then they look at the bra on you. Apparently I wasn't wearing my bra right, for the assistant came up behind me after I put one on, put her hand right IN the bra, and moved my boob around. Was I shocked! But she was very matter-of-fact about it. Once I'd recovered, I asked her about how to put the damn thing on right. She said my nipples are supposed to point forward and not be squeezed off to the side the way they had been. She suggested I lean over to guide the boobs into the cup in the right place. Who knew? Not me.

I tried on lots of bras that day, many of which were just not right for me, but a few that were. I got lots of useful tips on buying, wearing, and caring for bras. It's true that us well-endowed women have to use the evil things, and since we do, let's get nice ones, as comfortable and attractive as possible. Something you wear every day is worth spending money and time to get right.