Note on the otherwise dystopian world painted in the 5th Element. That world's your stock hypermetropolis rife with chain stores and abusive police. All the clerks at the chain stores have stunning cleavage.

For all of its visual appeal in the cleavage sector, The Fifth Element is also appealing in terms of the set design by Moebius the French comic book artist, as well as the clothing designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The priests wear priestly clothes but weird hats, the military uniforms are first-rate, and of course there are a number of very fine villains.

The fashion not only emphasises the actresses' cleavage (or lack thereof), but also hits on their other fine points, such as revealing the tummy pooches on the stewardesses, rather than pulling the "Women must look like teenaged boys with boobs" thing that we see so much of in Hollywood films.

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