Ah. It's summer, and the wonderful smell of Marie Callender's is in the air. My brother and I are alone again, my parents are off communing with nature in NYC, and I am free to sleep, read, and obsess about my Muse. In the meantime, however, I've taken to torturing myself by attempting to learn how to play a guitar. As any of us out there who have mastered this wonderful instrument can probably guess, my fingers hurt like a bastard and I've had several urges to make myself some very expensive toothpicks. My "practice" college essays are due next week, and my next lit paper is due the week after that. Fortunately, I've a wider range of material to choose from, and all that's required this time is mere prevarication. I've managed to develop several of my earlier ideas for freeform RPGs, and should be able to finish construction on the first by the end of the week.

Why, after all this time without one, am I constructing my first day log, you might ask? The answer for that is actually rather simple. My cousin, and my cousin's girlfriend, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to turn me into their "project" for the month. This Saturday, I journey off into the abyss of cute haircuts, trendy outfits, and more makeup than you can shake a stick at. I wanted to node something to remind me of my true nature, simply as a precaution. The Pink, Brainless, and Fuzzy are not strong, but they are many. If, in fact, I become enveloped in this tide of Evil, I ask that someone please shoot me.